Tired of being scared of your cleaning products, your child's sippy cup, and your plastic food containers?
Growing skeptical of the claims that everything is going to harm you and your children?
Getting bored with the constant doomsday predictions about the environment?
Running out of money buying organic food and chemical-free toys?
Feeling guilty if you occasionally let your kids eat fast food or a piece of candy?
Growing weary of these alarmist claims?

Mind the Store:

mind the store

Moms have had enough of the fear mongering from the anti-science, anti-progress Left. In this economy, moms certainly don’t need the products on which they rely to become less safe, more expensive, and harder to find. Sign on to this letter to urge retailers to reject this fear mongering and tell these purveyors of junk science that they need to mind their own business.

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Women for Food Freedom:

Activist organizations increasingly seek to create a sense of alarm about certain foods, as well as the overall state of health in America to justify greater regulation, higher taxes, and more government oversight.

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Energy Explained:

Environmentalists want us to believe the Earth is crumbling as a result of mankind’s use of natural resources—particularly through fracking, oil exploration, and the use of fossil fuels like coal.

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Farming for the Truth:

Americans are increasingly being fed fear about farming and crop biotechnology in the hopes that a scared public will demand more regulations on the farming sector. These regulations will only hurts small farmers and cause increases in food process.

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Fear Not Common Chemicals:

Americans are being misled about the dangers facing them and their families. Instead of focusing on real risks, families are being told to fear the chemicals present in everyday household cleaners, children’s toys, canned food and even school supplies.

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The Kids Are Alright:

What’s scarier than hearing that something threatens your children’s well-being? Parents should look beyond the scary headlines and take a balanced view of the risks that everyday activities pose to kids.

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Big Government Is Scary!

Americans should be aware that the “solutions” proposed by alarmists often have big, hidden costs.

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Financial Cents:

Politicians sometimes misuse statistics about economic matters and demonize Americans businesses to scare the public into supporting more regulation.

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